Holidays with Children

This small Asturian village is a guarantee of serenity for adults, but for children every day is a series of fun adventures and amazing discoveries.

It is the perfect environment for children to interact and express themselves naturally while inadvertently absorbing all the simplicity and beauty of a rural world that will surely provide a special balance in the construction of their personality.

The municipal swimming of Quiros pools are open throughout the summer period

It is common for children during holiday periods to make friends with the other children who spend those days here and together they turn the center of the town or its various recreational areas into happy play settings.

If the holidays are in summer, very close is the swimming pool of Bárzana, the capital of the council, which is open throughout the summer period.

In particular, in addition to the various resources that the vegetal and rustic environment makes available to their inexhaustible imagination, if there is something that children will not easily forget, it is direct contact with the various species of animals that await them here and that will surely be a referent of those vacations that they spent in the town, those vacations in the center of the Asturian nature. And this is so because, in addition to the various animals in the environment, the Prieto Rural Houses have a farm with a variety of animal species in which children and adults spend great moments of fun, either feeding them, walking in the merry-go-round of the donkey, riding a pony, running after the jumping dwarf goats, etc. [More information farm of the rural houses]

But in addition to the everyday in this unique village, in the vicinity there are many activities possible for children to maintain a continuous succession of emotions and never get bored, such as:

Hiking, Walking or Cycling with Children

The path of the Bear: A path without slopes, perfect for cycling with children in any of its sections or for long walks, as well as visiting the bears that usually live in a fence next to it, or their center interpretation in the House of the Bear.


Canoe Padding

In the Quirós council itself is the Valdemurio reservoir, where canoes are rented to enjoy paddling in a beautiful natural setting.


Travel to Prehistory

San Salvador de Alesga, in Teverga, where the ancient attraction El Parque De La Prehistoria is located, is only 35 kilometers from Casas Rurales Prieto, within its own natural environment.

It is an unprecedented thematic space inaugurated on March 25, 2007, focused on the Paleolithic world and those first artistic manifestations of our ancestors.

The Prehistory Park is made up of 25 hectares of nature at the foot of Peña Sobia, within the Las Ubiñas - La Mesa Natural Park, in which three buildings with a plant cover that allows their use have been buried without disturbing the environment as a lookout

One of the buildings is the reception one, which has a reception area, cafeteria and shop, as well as workshops where visitors will be offered games and educational activities on prehistoric painting.


Journey to the Center of the Earth

Very close to the Prehistory Park you can visit Cueva Huerta, which is one of the largest Asturian caves and has been declared a Natural Monument.


Bathing in Agua Dulce, ...and one day in Agua Salá

In the closest area are the council pool, the reservoir, and several rivers and streams with sweet, crystalline waters, but also, if you want to try the salt water, at a distance of approximately one hour by car there are a wide variety of wonderful beaches to choose from.


Active Tourist

There are many other possibilities to carry out active tourism activities in the area through professional companies with extensive experience. Horseback riding, climbing, speleology, snowshoeing, etc. [More information on Activities in Quirós]


Fairs, Markets and Festivals with Various Children's Attractions

Throughout the year, but particularly in summer, there are many festivals in any of the neighboring towns, where it is possible to find entertainment, music and children's attractions, markets for artisan products, gastronomic fairs, etc. 


All Asturias Within Reach

Yes, the location of the Prieto rural houses, right in the center of Asturias, makes them the perfect base for visiting any place in the region and on the same day returning to the tranquility of the rural accommodation to rest. And there are many attractions to visit with children in Asturias, among which we highlight, for example, the Jurassic Museum in Colunga or the Gijón Aquarium.